Architecture Overview

We provide a turnkey Business Automation and Products platform for Web Hosts, Domain Name Resellers, Web Design Companies, Web Presence Providers, ISPs, and Data Centers with end-to-end automation for You, Your staff, Your Customers and Your Resellers.

Below is a graphical representation of our Platform Architecture -


Our Platform Components


A Multi-currency, Multi-lingual, Multi-level; User Management, Billing & Provisioning system - that takes care of Reseller and Customer Management, Product purchase, renewals, upgrades/downgrades, service modifications, financial transactions, payment collection, payment gateway integration, notifications and reminders, email communication, reports and much much more

OrderBox is -

  • Multi-tier: It supports an infinite level Reseller chain. You can appoint Resellers, who can have their own Customers and Resellers, who can in turn further have Customers and Resellers and so on. OrderBox provides complete business automation, finance and billing, User Management and all other features to you and all the Resellers in your entire chain
  • Multi-lingual: All interfaces of the OrderBox are available in various languages. Additionally translation interfaces are provided for you to be able to assist in the translation effort for any language
  • Private labeled: All interfaces of the OrderBox can be customized to look and feel like your website
  • Fully Customizable through an API: OrderBox comes with a full control API which allows you to integrate your own website and your own Control Panels into the OrderBox

OrderBox consists of -

  • SuperSite: A complete private-labeled website for your retail business from where Customers can sign up for various Products
  • PartnerSite: A complete private-labeled website for your wholesale business from where you can attract and sign-up potential Resellers
  • Control Panels: Comprehensive private labelled, multi-lingual, multi-level Control Panels for You, Your staff, Your Customers, Your Resellers, their Resellers and so on
  • API: A full-control API for you and your Reseller chain allowing you to integrate "Your Own Website" and "Your Own Control Panels" into the platform
  • Other Miscellaneous modules: You and your Resellers get a Whois Server and a set of geographically distributed private-labeled Nameservers

Our systems provide end-to-end Business Process Automation. We automate the following processes for you, your Resellers and your Customers -

Sales and Marketing Automation Finance and Billing Automation
Provisioning/Deployment Automation Managing Products & Services
Managing Customers & Resellers

Integrated Products & Services:

At the core of our platform you can elect to sell a comprehensive set of Web Products and Services to your Customers and Resellers. Our comprehensive Product Portfolio maximizes your Revenue potential per Customer, increases your Customer loyalty and provides you and your Customers a single window for purchasing and Managing all your Web Services. We allow you to sell the following Products and Services to your Resellers and Customers -